• How many months is in a term?

    A Little Wonders term is approximately a 3 month period.(One of the term is 4 months)

  • When do the terms start and finish?

    Our Term Calendar can be viewed here.

  • What time is Little Wonders open?

    Little Wonders is open from 7am – 6pm from Sunday – Thursday. Children have the option of either attending full time or part time.

  • What curriculum do you follow?

    We follow the British Curriculum. Each term we have a theme, our subtopics change on a weekly basis.

  • How many teachers are in every class?

    Each class has one ‘teacher’ and two ‘teaching assistants’ who are qualified and experienced in their area.

  • Do you offer meals?

    Yes at Jumeirah, No at Sharjah. Children can either bring their own lunches and snacks, we can provide fridge and microwave.

  • Where are you located?

    From Sheikh Zayed Road
    Take exit 43 to Jumeirah, take a u turn at 1st traffic lights, 1st service road on the right after the bus stop, follow the service road to the end, 1st left, 1st right and you will find us on the right hand side.
    From Al Wasl Road
    If you travel down Al Wasl road towards Abu Dhabi way, you pass Spinneys on your left, take a left on the next road intersection, then take the second right into a service road that will bring into a back street where you will see our banner on the first villa there. A location map can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

    If you are travelling on Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, pass Oasis Centre which will be on your left hand side and take Exit 43 which will lead you to the Al Manarah Traffic Signal. Take a ‘U’ Turn from the signal and enter the service road after the Bus stop. You will fall onto a T Junction, take the immediate left and immediate right.

  • Do Little Wonders staff have first aid training?

    Little Wonders have an onsite DHA registered nurse and specifically adapted nurses room for when your little ones are feeling unwell. We also carry out first aid training with our teachers and Teaching assistants.

  • Is it best for parents to stay with children for their first few days?

    Parents are more than welcome at the Nursery at any time, and we do understand that the first few days at nursery can be hard for parents and children. We do however recommend that parents drop children off and leave them to interact within the classroom independently as it is much easier for the child to settle and does not prolong the detachment and adjustment period. You are more than welcome to stay in reception and have a tea/coffee and biscuits.

  • What do children need to bring on the first day?

    Children need to bring the lunch and snacks they require for the day, as well as a packet of nappies which can be left and used daily, baby wipes, nappy rash cream if required, and a change of clothes. When baby wipes and nappies are running out the class teacher will write a note in the child’s communication folder so parents can send more essentials into nursery.

  • Do you go on school trips?

    Little Wonders preschool and foundation stage children venture out on termly field trips that are linked to the topic of the term.

  • Can we help with potty training?

    Little Wonders Nursery will support and assist during your child’s potty training stage. We ensure that this is as smooth a process for not only the child, but you as parents also.

  • What age are children accepted at?

    We accept children from 2 months – 4 years of age. Children are divided in to four age groups. 2 months – 12 months in our infant room, 12 months – 24 Months in our toddlers room, 2 to 3 years in our pre-school room and 3 to 4 years in the Foundation class room.