Oaktree Primary School

About Emirates International School:

Oaktree Primary School is unique in Dubai because it offers high-quality education delivered by Western teachers, mainly from the United Kingdom, at affordable prices. Oaktree Primary School is based on the principle that ‘small is beautiful.’ We have small class sizes of up to 18 children in each class in the Foundation Phase and up to 22 children per class in the Primary Phase. We believe in Positive Psychology and this is reflected through our interactions with the children in our care and the parents whom we serve. This ethos is based on scientific research which tells us that children and adults work at their best and achieve their maximum when they are happy and focused on a determination to succeed. The school is led by a Leadership Team of Principal, Vice Principal and Assistant Principal, all of whom have led, or been part of, the Leadership Teams of Outstanding schools in Dubai. The Principal, Mr Christopher McDermott, has led Outstanding schools in London
and in England, is a qualified Ofsted school inspector in England and is part of the KHDA’s What Works team as a Content Advisor. We believe, passionately, in the right of every child to be nurtured, cared for and supported in their quest to do their best. We welcome children from all backgrounds and believe that our duty is to work closely with families to ensure that their children become citizens and leaders of the increasingly international world of the future.