The Alpha School

Principal’s Message

As Founding Principal, I am delighted to welcome you to The Alpha School, where our mission “Succeeding to Learn, Learning to Succeed” drives our personalised approach and our commitment to meet the needs of every student in achieving their true potential.

I am fortunate to have spent the majority of my working career internationally, in leading British and International Baccalaureate schools and highly value the importance of international mindedness. Alpha School is an international community of belonging, where identity is core and diversity is celebrated.

Our curriculum upholds the rigorous standards of the National Curriculum for England, whilst encompassing and celebrating the uniqueness of our host nation and culture. Teaching and learning embraces the best practices from leading educational frameworks to provide a world-class education.

Inquiry methodologies feed the natural curiosity of our students and facilitate their discovery of understanding. Learning is linked to local and global issues to provide students with opportunities to effect positive change in the world. True depth of learning is achieved through relevance, purpose and impact.

Principles are central to the development of the whole child at Alpha. Core values drive who we are and all we do and self-reflection is common-place as we model and promote reflective learning.

As a passionate advocate of and experienced trainer in the use of technologies to transform learning, I empower staff with the tools and expertise to individualise and optimise learning for all. Purposeful and planned integration of current technologies including 1:1 devices, develops skills for future success. This balanced focus on content, skills and attitudes ensures that our students develop into responsible citizens, who work collaboratively with confidence to solve problems in new and creative ways.

At Alpha, parents are partners and communication is key. As part of our eco-friendly vision, digital tools avail our parents to comprehensive and customised information about every aspect of school life and allow them an active part in their child’s learning.

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